Overall I’m always interested in life improvements, challenges, and personal freedom in a general sense. So, whatever goes in that direction.

This is just a short list of some interests that spring to mind.

Body for Life

I’ve taken a renewed interest in my overall fitness over the last few months, and am making some great strides even now. I follow the Body for Life system, as that worked well for me previously. I’ve just started, so I’m not quite there yet, but so far I’m doing better at it now than I did before, so I only have high aspirations from here on out.


I became a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution many years ago after I started playing on a whim. It’s a great aerobic exercise regimen if done properly. I haven’t played regularly for a few years now, but despite that there are no machines in my area, I’d love to get back into it again given the chance. No home versions though– I only play on arcade machines.


I’ve become a fan of the Getting Things Done methodology, and have also jumped feet first into a minimalist lifestyle– so far it’s given me some interesting insight about myself and my own personal philosophies and goals. I haven’t completely drank the Kool-aid on either one, but there’s definitely aspects of both that work and it can give you a lot to think about.

Japanese Language

I’m interested in learning the Japanese language– both spoken and written, and am currently studying it as I get time. I think it’d be a great experience to live and work in Japan as well. There area many aspects of the language I find interesting, but it’s challenge of being bilingual that entices me the most.


Ever since I was young, I had an interest in mathematics. In the past I’ve been fascinated with Quaternions, Rational Trigonometry, and aspects of Calculus, and I’ve written a few papers here or there on those subjects. However I’m not actively studying anything specific with regards to mathematics at this time.

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