My name is Terence J. Grant, and I am a producer of creative projects living in Los Angeles, California. What I’d say I like most about art and filmmaking is being able to work with a variety of like-minded individuals to make something cool. It’s also fun to show people what we’ve made, make them laugh, cry, angry, or just feel something.

Sharing experiences, feelings, raw emotions– It’s powerful stuff.

Well anyway, browse around the site a little, and you’re sure to learn a little more about me.

Tate Mode…
I have decided to publish my work under the moniker “Tate Mode.”For me the name has dual meaning.

Inspired by video game terminology, also called “Tate Mode,” that refers to the idea of turning your TV on it’s side to get that classic “arcade screen” feel. Much like the guy in my logo, who has apparently kicked his TV over in a fit of rage.

In the past I have used the pseudonym “Tate” online and in other works, so to continue on using “Tate Mode” would be a natural extension of this, and it flows.

…But don’t think about it too hard, because at the end of the day, it’s all just for fun.

© 2011 Terence J. Grant