About Tate Mode

Located in Southern California, Tate Mode Entertainment was founded by Terence Grant, and has been in operation since 2006, originally as an outlet for film production services, but later refocused for games on mobile devices in 2011.

About me…

Terence and his Great Dane, Reese.
The QA Process

Hi there, I’m Terence, and my goal with Tate Mode is to provide fun and enriching experiences.

The software presented here is all hobbyist and “indie” in nature, and has been developed over the years as inspiration hits and as free time allows. Just to say by no means is Tate Mode a full time job.

That said, I’m thankful if any of the software I’ve written here fits a niche or purpose for you, or generally just makes you smile or brightens your day.

I’m originally from Ireland by way of Florida, but have made California my permanent home. I have a wonderful wife, two dogs (a Great Dane named Reese and a German Shepherd named Snicker), and we’re expecting our first child this year.


If you’d like to support my hobby beyond the existing offerings, you can donate via PayPal via this link.

Thanks for your support.