Welcome to Tate Mode Entertainment, the indie software developer site for Terence Grant, founded in 2006, with the first published title in 2011. My goal is to provide fun software and useful utilities and apps as inspiration hits and as time allows. I hope you enjoy my software.

Latest Releases

Tate’s IP Utility
Tate’s IP Utility shows your IP Address from either your local network, public networks, or VPN in your macOS menubar. Also useful for those developing server or client software, for those testing VPNs, and just anyone wanting to know their IP Address at a glance at any time.

Tate’s IP Utility is available for macOS. Learn more

Sleepy Puppies
Wake the puppies! This super cute puzzler challenges you to try to wake up the puppies in each round, starting out simple and getting more challenging over the course of three rounds. A great pick up and play game, or just a fun game to pass time while still challenging your brain.

(Sleepy Puppies is currently unavailable.) Learn more

Puzzle de Quince!
The classic 15 puzzle! The one that started it all, Puzzle de Quince originally published in 2011 and remastered in 2020 for modern iOS devices. Can you slide the tiles into their proper numeric order? Are you a tile sliding master?

Puzzle de Quince! is available for iOS. Learn more